Over 25 Years of Professional Business Experience


Have accomplished writing and designing many web sites, mastering computer programs such as Office, and successfully able to also work with my hands in most phases of construction. From tiling backsplashes, creating and installing fireplace enclosures, building room additions for homes and small offices, painting, electrical work and more!


At C.R. Laurence moved through the ranks, starting in the warehouse and moving up to inbound telemarketing sales, then management in purchasing, credit, web site, marketing, business data, the mis department, ending as sr business and project analyst.

Previous experience at Brunswick, Shell Oil, Trak Auto, in the role of General Management handling all phases of business, P & L, hiring and training, disciline and firing, payroll, inventory and all customer service roles.


No task or job is too large or small, and is not too hard to learn or to accomplish in a timely manner, while obtaining optimal business results.


Hardware Specialist Seeking Consulting, Contract, Long or Short Term Opportunities or Full Time Rewarding Employment St George, Utah, United States

Open to job opportunities Home Consultant, Hardware Consultant, Remodeling Consultant, General Manager, Product Manager and Purchasing Manager Roles

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  • 25+ years of construction industry experience focusing on the glass, glazing, architectural, shower, construction, and railing industries.
  • Able to dissect difficult problems and data and make logical sense out of them to solve common problems.
  • Sr Data Analyst, utilizing SQL, Excel and other sources and methods to be a Key Troubleshooter, well-versed in solving many complex data and website technical issues.
  • Detailed knowledge of over 70,000 products, including those product’s vendors.
  • Best practices for being able to find and utilize best costs and pricing schemes
  • Marketing industry segmentation of 100,000 customers by brand.
  • Adept at creating successful, workable solutions, with the ability to foresee potential issues and pitfalls in website user experience design and concept.
  • Nafta and COO coordinator for importing/exporting, including the Data Management of 70k products.
  • Review of cost data to make sure to include all cost variables, packaging, advertising, shipping, and possible Tariffs. To insure margins are consistent throughout all pricing levels.
  • Digital and social marketing best practices and procedures.
  • Excellent reputation and builds lasting relationships through credibility, integrity, and professionalism.
  • Great knowledge of MS Office software, SQL, Tandem, also including working knowledge of HTML, javascript, PHP, .NET, Sisense, and many other frequently used programs.

Over 15 years of honest, reliable, officiating

Basketball and Softball Referee/Official

Over 15 years off HOA management experience, from President to Treasurer.

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